This antivirus is better than any most competing products that are sold.  Business pay for the commercial version. 

We installed this on over five thousand computers and have had only a few infected, but, this was due to the customer not renewing their annual registration.  By contrast we receive weekly those machines with the major brand name antivirus programs, and they are infected.  Why pay for antivirus protection that does not work when you can have protection that does work?

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This product is exemplary of the best computer application software.
The office supply side has 83,000 items availble overnight including but not limited to computer supplies and accessories.  You may also order on-line by visiting Comsysflight at 250 North Main Street, Frankfort, IN.

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Antivirus is free for home users.  A professional version is available at a small cost compared with its greater value.
Click on the on the icon at right.  Download the free Home version.  Then go the the page to register. 
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