VIRUS continues to be the big threat.  Please, if you don't know how to see for certain you are protected, stop by and get a free lesson.

Spies now infest your computer without your knowledge and slow its performance.  Please take time to find out how to protect yourself.  Free removal software is available. 
We do not want you, our customers ordering product from manufacturers sites direct. Why? You get a better price and an especially good value when we show you how to use it. Moreover, we want your business to stay with us.
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The office supply side has 83,000 items availble overnight including but not limited to computer supplies and accessories.  You may also order on-line by visiting Comsysflight at 250 North Main Street, Frankfort, IN.

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CLEANING and REFURBISHING your computer is important.  We can keep it running like new.  You would not drive your car without registration, insurance, oil change, lubrication, wheel balancing, tire rotation, washing, waxing, cleaning inside, and cautious use. So take the same good care of your computer.
Also, you are very careful who you let use your car. Be the same way with your computer. Often, well meaning friends try to help you, and you end up with a computer that will not work for you.

We recommended that you bring your computer in once a year, for an annual cleaning.  Computers are air cooled, dust and dirt accumlations can cause your comouter to overheat and self destruct.
KEEP ALL YOUR INVOICES, PACKING LISTS, CDs, BOOKS, FOLDERS, NOTES, INSTRUCTIONS relating to your computer together in one large zip lock bag or package.  When you bring in your computer for restoration, upgrade, cleaning, instruction, etc., bring the documentation along with the computer.  Nowdays, the computer is rendered nearly useless and of little if any value if you lose all the associated CDs and documentation.